Wednesday, December 28, 2005

incomplete without u.

i have more n more guys hu are willing to buy me drinks everyday... and everynite when i go home.. ehehehe... indulging in their few-minutes-attention 4 awhile.. bt on the other hand, i guess im brewing more jealousy of others at work?? hmm....

to Nana, thanks alot 4 ur advice!!! i love u too!!!!!!!!!!!!! gerls, currently wan said "we'r okay for now... jus dun mess up later2 and i dun want tis change of urs to last onli a few wks.. and then u'll go back to wad u were..." and he meant tt seriously.

baby,wadever it takes to keep u in my life, i'll do it. =)

counting down to anniversary bliss!!! do u noe i've never lasted more than 4mths with other guys?? well amirhadi was my most memorable ex boyfriend cos we lasted abt 4 mths plus i tink.. and yeah, like it or not, i was his ferst and ever gfren he had. hey, he was a gd boyfriend.. bt sadly not really a gd companion or a listening ear. wont rake tt up.. bt im still on good terms with him.. so bite ur fingers gerls cos i tink he's my most handsome ex boyfriend,to date. eh... i onli had one ex boyfriend rite? *pretending to not know of any other guys*

yes yes raking up abt the case of the ex shdnt be wad im supposed to do. bt hey, a yr ago, i was still with amirhadi when i met irwan again.. now i wldnt go into telling the lalala-fairytale-moment on how we met each other again, how i went out with irwan behind my then-bf-amirhadi's back and how i could never manage to forget him eversince i dumped him once in 2003 and most importantly how i start to fall in love with him again.. *sparks sparks kedababoom fireworks*

trying to bask in the final days b4 my long awaited 1 year.. im welcoming it with open arms.. with a big heart, with mistakes corrected, with changed personalities, with coerced facts that i really need to change for the benefit of having sum1 i realli love to stay in my life... with regrets,too along the way.. bt with his love, everyday.

to my boyfriend,irwan:

U don't know how you met me
U don't know why,
U cant turn around and say gdbye


gerls, i know sum of u having problesm with ur spouses hehehe.. keep it strong.. u'll make it thru!! love u gerls!! MUAHH!!

btw, to dingding,sorry i never reply ur sms. i dun haf ani idea hu is Gorn k.. probably sumone who saw me alone while i left u lovebirds at suntec.. or mebe he saw me the day after tt cos i was at suntec too.. watchin carebears show!! I SAW CAREBEARS!!!! I HAVE THEIR PICTURES!!!! hehehehe, how was ur trip to kl dear? i miss u loads.. and dun worry, i'll pass ur present to ur darling boyfriend,Huzaifah k? fah!! heard tat??? hehee love u 2 all the same. (hmm dun take it the wrong way hahaha) oh dingding pls pls pls go n chg ur status in frenster, u are NO LONGER single. =)

gd day ppl!! thursday, im anticipating.. friday,its time to meet my baby!! sat its family day!! sun its shopping!! mon its anniversary bliss!! =)

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

A food for thought on a saturday:

U would do anything for someone you once loved,

But love them again?

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dreaming of u

happy happy saturday ppl!! im still waiting for my pay.. ugh!!

considering i still have sum $40 to last me 4 another 3 days.. i guess im quite broke.. argh!!

well well... i miss my girls so much!! and my new couple!! (referring to 2 of my gd frens, raja & huzaifah.. yes them. hehe)

i miss my boyfriend more... bt we'r not meeting up tis weekend.. neither are we meeting up on monday cos he's working. hmm...

ok.. i wanna make sum simple division of my pay:

$200- my parents & my nyai

$100-my gerlfrens

$50-hp bill

$40-new hp screen

$100-my food expenses


$40-ez link

The remaining $200-300 will be used for sumtin else.. mebe save up to get married? hahaha no la..

ohh gerls, wanna noe sumtin interesting happen at work yest? i was embroiled in a love triangle!! hahahaha.. ok.. im the IC's assistant.. and my fren, tey is a 2nd IC. this mute guy,chee ann is te 3rd quality controller.. means he checks thoroughly our work.. i was rotating tasks between a 2nd quality controller when i had sum problems with the policies i had to key in.. well, actualli it doesnt concern me cos as a 2nd qc, i onli need to key in the policy numbers.. and if ani info doesnt tally, its the qc 3's job. tis chee ann (yah.. he likes me) wanted me to find the missing n extra policy numbers.. and i already got so many work undone!! then tey, was abit mad when i told him chee ann wanted me to do his work for they were arguin abit.. amidst the silent argument on paper(chee ann is mute, jus a reminder), suddenly there was a blackout.. and i was standing coincidentally in between of both of them.. hahaha.. so pathetic rite? my colleagues were realli makin a big joke of it.. i feel so malu.. hahaha ohh b4 tt, i was so fedup with tt gerl i mentioned who likes to tell me abt her sexual escapades. i refuse to talk to her.. or reply wadever she talks to me.. she realli badmouths every1 she can.. and i find it frustrating.. cos i cant do my work!!! and i was so mad cos she had to ask me tis "eh ur brother dun like sam rite?(sam is my IC) the other day and i was so mad cos i noe my brother n sam are on gd terms. (for gods sake, they both sing praises for each other) and its not onli once she asked me tis.. she asked me tt same qsn yesterday!! i was so fed up!!! and she acts as if she noes everything... and she talks abt my brother as tho she is fuckin close with my brother.... hahahaha big joke man! te closest person my brother is to in te hse is me.... and she wanna tell me all this bullshit? ass lar.........

well well everi1 cld see how i became so cold towards her after tt.. i dun care if she wanna talk abt me.. its not as if im nt new to gossips.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005


my day at work was hectic as usual, bt i got on well.
=) aniwae gerls... and u guys out there...
pls pls pls suggest the color i shd dye my hair too..
hehe i noe i noe i said once tt i dun wan to dye my hair,
but now i guess i wan a new look..... lalalala.
so... blonde streaks will make me look lik an ahlian.. blonde totally makes me look dumb.
i tink light brown is fine rite?? yes yes i need hair treatment fast!!
and after tt i can indulge myself into dyeing my hair there too...
i dun care ani of u tink im extravagant or materialistic? hello!
4 ur information, i dun need to starve n save money just to buy a 'branded stuff'
i want. i can afford it.. my parents can pay for it.. so be it.
call me pampered, call me spoilt. i cant help if my parents can give me anitin i want.
(getting pissed at sum ppl areadi.......)
well 'ppl', calling me pampered n badmouthing me wont make u richer either.
materialistic means i onli care abt goods n branded stuff n not abt the world? fuck lar.
i un-shamelessly admit i DO care abt the WORLD. bt world peace?
tts a different story.

haiz.. sitting beside tis colleague of mine (undisclosed identity)
means i m stuck listening to her telling me abt her sexual escapades...
gosh... u noe, if i were her, i'd prefer to be much much secretive abt my
sex life. (monsters inc different story la... no secrets!! hahha)
btw, i wonder y many are so enthusiastic abt christmas when
its 1 yr anni. of the tragedic Tsunami incident.. i feel so sorry for deceasing' plights n
families. it breaks my hart tt ppl are so oblivious of the pain n agony n the hunger 4 love
and warmth of a loved one... PLS! im not telling u tt u cannto celebrate.. of cos u can celebrate it
lar.. bt dun act as if nothing bad happened during christmas las yr.. and to tink abt it,
the disaster was so close to our own shores... doesnt tt scare u a little? haiz.... pls pls pls help.
im tinkin of giving more clothes n donations for the acehnese ppl. the other time, i tink my mum gave away our clothes to the acehnese ppl after tsunami.. (clothes we wore when were little of cos) and after the afghan earthquake, it was cold for them over there so yeah we gave away our unused n too-small-areadi-winter clothings.
im going to be an unofficial dead duck soon. wanna know why?
hmm, alamak im having a headache...
next entry? promise?
*crossing fingers*

p.s. thanks to my brother especially for makin me work. u made me see the social world. =)
thanks abg!!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

merry xmas?

im really tired.
congrats to frens hu passed n levels.
chi-chi. late feb my turn... dooom's day.
did i mention i dreamt i got all e8?
that was a pretty fuckin upsetting dream.
im doing good at work.
im tired.
i wan to sleep, ok?
i miss my gerls....
n most importantly,
i miss my bf!!! even tho i just met him las nite....
still!! cant wait to meet my cousins, mimi n shasha tis sat....
which reminds me that i've yet to call shasha up. hehe...
who is shasha? she's my cousin.... abit estranged... bt im quite close to her in sum ways.
ppl say we look really alike.. n i gotta admit. =)
well, thats it.. saturday is meeting them up.. n insyallah i wanna meet awadh!!
nana!! u heard tt? i wanna meet my gd fren awadh!! ur cousin!! hehehe
gd day ppl.
wow.......its wednesday areadi!! next monday no work!!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

top 10

top 10 things rohaida needs rite now, badly!! :

1) HUGE dosage of gerlfrens

2) MORE sleep

3) my PAY!!!

4) settle my bills...

5) kiss my baby

6) get my baby a present 4 our upcoming 1st anniversary

7) a new screen 4 my hp.......

8) watch movies!!!!kingkong & narnia!!

9) princess cut Levi's Jeans...................i can smell it soon...

10) take basic theory test asap

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

if ur happy and u noe it, u ?

im so happy for my dingding & dingdong!! congrats to both of u!

im so happy i saw the carebears show!! thanks to my baby!!

im so happy dayah got a blog too! now i can relish myself reading my gerls' stories when im tired after work... and i noe wads going on.

im so happy i got to eat my favourite mee hoon goreng n ice kacang at Beach Rd today, thanks to my baby again!

im so happy i've passed on how to start a motor sucessfully... kwang3... feels gr8!

im so happy next wk is pay day..... money money money!

im so happy that my hse is currently having a movie marathon.. reali. we started watching numerous movies since morning until now... even my parents were hooked on lord of the rings:return of the king (wad?)

im so happy we beat 2 red lights today... gee talk abt breaking road rules...haha wad de hell, i've always been rebellious.

aniwae, sumtin funny got me tickling.. i told my bf to take me cruising 4awhile at marina bay b4 we went hme.. then he refused.. and instead raced 2wards serangoon... talk abt loyar buruk...
arsehole. hehe nevertheless i still love u!

tomorrow is monday... work work work!

to my wonderful monsters inc + boyfriends, love n miss u all! dingding & dingdong included! and sum juniors of mine too!! =)

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Friday, December 16, 2005


...reading into my thoughts

something is wrong with my shared network at home.. oh... wanna noe wads it abt? its a networks that comprise all the computers at home.. so yar.. i have shared network at home... so we can share files easier by going into each others network.. often my bro likes to hide my files las time... or view it discreetly and i always move his files to my drive. wahahhaha.. told u all im bcumin an IT geek.. well, i wan a new computer...!!!! hmm actualli, my current comp is ok.. bt im gona give it away to my adik.. so i can get a new one!! currently its so leceh cos my adik always use my darling computer. sumtims i think shes the owner.. not me. this comp was kind of a present for me early this yr.. dun remember 4 wad hehe.


Its a Friday... no OT, no work 4 2 days... i miss my baby!

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...reading into my thoughts

nana's previous entry.... on self praise nt being an international disgraced paved the way to proclaim here that... i honestly think im nt ugly at all. literally. well, im normal.. and i do think that my mixed heritage realli boosted my esteem as i can be called quite attractive. (if u wanna disagree with me on this, go ahead. cos i dun fuckin care... ur prob jealous? muahaha) ok back to the topic b4 i start to digress away frm it. well, yes, i have ppl who tell me that im pretty, cute or wadever.. sumtims a particular person who jus know me. be it frens... or colleagues. bt seriously, why is it that i get so many ppl telling me this?

"wow.. aida... ur really cute/pretty"
"mei nui mei nui! chio bu! or oi jambu!"

YET, thruout my long relationship with Irwan, he only called me pretty Once. only once.

and u noe wad? im actualli glad. cos it proves that he overlooked my physical appearances, my looks... and accepted me for hu i really am. even if im so ugly deep down inside, he loves me all the same cos im the rohaida he adores. im the rohaida he loves. im the pretty rohaida he might find ugly and im the ugly rohaida he finds Beautiful.

and baby, i'll always be ur 'buncit' ok? =)

entry dedicated totally to my boyfriend.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

regards regards.

...reading into my thoughts

' Rules of the Game '

1) Post 5 weird/random things about urself.
- i bite my toenails.
- i talk to myself & my teddy bears. (seriously alot)
- i cant stand the smell n taste of durian. its too smelly.. and the smell makes me feel REALLY giddy. weird eh?
- i'm VERY allergic to antibiotics and paracetemols. panadols dun work on me.
- i love cats but im so afraid of kittens.

pelik tapi benar.

2) Write the names of 5 ppl u would want them to do this next.

- Nana.
- Dingding.
- Dingdong.
- Dayah.
- Yana.
- Zsa
aiyah bascically anione anibody.

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